Living Inside-Out​ 

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A new way of thinking....and living



Why work with me?

Clients come to me because they think they’re missing something in their lives. It can be direction and purpose, connection and relationship, greater creation and achievement, wellbeing and happiness. 

I teach and coach from an understanding that by design you come into this world with everything you need for a good life. The problems begin when you believe you’re missing something, which then becomes your reality.  

I’ll teach you a different way of thinking about life and how your experience of life really works.​ I show you how to see what has always been there within you.

Once you see it, you'll know. It's called insight


If this sounds interesting, let’s explore the possibilities. 

George Carver

When I left the world of business and finance, I knew that helping people had to be the focus of my next career. In the year following my departure from my business partners and Wall Street,  a series of health crises that serendipitously steered me towards the field of coaching. There I found my health,  my passion, and my calling. I committed myself to understanding the human mind and the possibility of transformational change.  

I have two coaching credentials, two masters degrees (MBA from ASU Thunderbird School of Management and an MFA Writing from Bennington College, and over 30 years’ experience in the business and non-profit world. My coaching teachers include George & Linda Pransky, Dr Mark Howard, Michael Neill, Jamie Smart, Chip Chipman, and Dicken Bettinger. 

I love my work, my clients, my family and my life. I like to sum it up this way: we are all born with everything we need to realize our dreams and to live a fulfilling life of happiness and well-being. 


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George helped me slow down my thinking, listen quietly to my inner self, and focus on job opportunities where I could flourish and make a contribution. I began to develop a relaxed confidence in my strengths as a connector of people, ideas and nonprofits.

I discovered an innate confidence in myself that had always been there, a confidence that allowed me to connect easily with people. Job interviews became nearly effortless! Today, I am thriving in my new job – confident, focused and happy.

~Tuck Barclay



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